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We are now OPEN!

2808 Grand Central Ave.
Vienna, WV 26105

Monday to Thursday 7am - 6pm
Friday & Saturday 7am - 11pm
Closed on sunday

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“Our greatest fulfillment lies
in giving ourselves to others”

henri nouwen  |  author - life of the beloved

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Within each of us is a desire to make the world a better place.
To create something worth contributing. To be a part of a “tribe” that is moving in a common direction. Often we look around and wonder where in the world to start. It’s not difficult to see a billion places that could use a touch of goodness - but we’re not sure what the solution is to any of them.

After living for almost 8 years in Honduras and being a part of “community” unlike I had ever known before - I’m addicted to rallying the world changers and spending my minutes on the planet attempting to continue to build a tribe. One that would sacrifice for someone else. A group that would elevate others and encourages them to rise above. People who would be purposeful and intentional about how they choose to take up space on the planet. Folks who would move into hard places and bring light.

So, a dream was born. Long ago really - but sometimes it takes a while for the dream to get brave.

In Honduras we had a “space” that we affectionately referred to as “The Bodega” and it was the place where we “huddled” so to speak. Resources were brought in and distributed. The week’s marching orders for service were laid out. It was a “hub” for what would happen during each teams week of serving in the country. Goodness moved from that space in a bunch of ways.

After moving home and taking some time to heal I continued to long for a similar space, a tribe, and a huddle.

I would take a journal and find a coffee shop in some city often and sit and ponder and dream - wondering how I might create something similar here.

We needed a “hub.” I needed a space. I needed to quit being scared of every what if and just go for it. Trusting that there were other hearts who longed for a space where we might create and build community around a cup of coffee and it might have an impact on something bigger than us.

And so it begins ... where the story will lead who knows - but here’s to Chapter 1 of “The Bodega” being born here in the MOV. May it build a tribe. May we find ways to huddle and serve and may it impact something far beyond us.

Stay tuned - the rest of the story is still being written ... I would love for you to be a part...


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